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The versatility provided by the number and variety of institution types embodied by the US higher education system is one of its most appealing features. With over 4,500 universities and colleges in the United States, the US education system provides ten times the number of tertiary-level study opportunities as any other nation, making it much easier to pursue your career goals.

Here’s a description of the United States’ educational system. Core classes, major, minor, and electives are all part of an undergraduate degree. Freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior are the four years. Colleges, which are smaller than universities, typically offer undergraduate degrees.

USA Colleges / Universities

  1.  Duke University
  2. Duquesne University
  3. Stevens institute of technology
  4. University OF Nebraska Lincoln
  5. UMBC
  7. Montana State University billings
  8. University of Illinois Chicago
  9. University of Massachussets Boston
  10. Key West University
  11. University of New University
  12. Florida International University
  13. University of California Los Angeles Extension
  14. University of Kansas
  15. University Bridge at college of San Mateo
  16. University Bridge at Santa Monica college
  17. University of Utah
  18. Walsh University
  19. Auburn University
  20. Cleveland state University
  21. College of the Canyons
  22. University of dayton
  23. University of the Pacific
  24. University of central Florida
  25. University of Charleston
  26. BAU Bay Atlanta University
  27. Paul Smith College
  28. Hibert College
  29. Nichols College
  30. Shoreline College
  31. Community Colleges of Spokane
  32. Standard Centre for Professional Development
  33. American University
  34. University Bridge at Piedmont Virginia
  35. Community College
  36. Gonzaga University
  37. University Bridge at Irvine Valley College
  38. Auburn Montgomery University
  39. University Bridge at college of Marin
  40. University of Massachusets Amherst
  41. Johns Hopkins University
  42. Louisiana State University
  43. University of California Berkeley
  44. University of south Carolina
  45. Rochester Institute of Technology
  46. Adelphi University
  47. University of Mississippi